This year it is forty two years since Peter got his first paid job as an actor. Lately you have been able to see him in the Swedish comedy series Padeldrömmar, the feature film Länge leve bonusfamiljen and the short film Repögla. Picture of Peter as Padelkungen in Padeldrömmar.


Peter’s great passion for film and photography, combined with a genuine interest in people, has made him a very good portrait and headshot photographer. He also likes to work with landscape photography and then preferably with long exposure times.


In 2020, Peter made his debut as a writer with his novel about an actor’s struggle to stay in an industry he has increasingly fallen out of. He is now interested in taking his writing further and write for television or the screen.


Peter has successfully directed the Swedish dialogue to many feature films, TV series and games. He has also been educating  in dubbing and post-synchronization at The University of the Arts in Stockholm.


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